As a Gatineau customer, you're eligible to join our Loyalty Programme

The Beauty Passport Scheme.

The Beauty Passport is a special link between you and Gatineau.
In return for your loyalty, you receive 1 or 2 FREE full-size Gatineau product(s).


Each time you purchase a full-size Gatineau product, you will receive a special token located on the packaging of all boxed products or on the reverse of cleansers, toners and unboxed products,
(travel sizes and coffrets do not apply).
 Each token has a point value.

Collect 12 points tokens, which you attach to your Beauty Passport, then add up the total number of points.  Finally, select your FREE full-size gift(s) from the list provided in the passport according to the number of points collected:

36 points or less, choose ONE free product.
37 points or more, choose TWO free products.

Once completed, return your Beauty Passport to Beauty Works.

Only passports with all 12 token squares completed will be accepted for the complimentary free gift.

View Gatineau Passport

For more information or if you have any questions, please visit us or contact us at 01908 582 001 or email